Monday, April 28, 2014


Darling Readers:

I have compiled and edited all of my columns from my heyday of writing film reviews so that they may be savored and enjoyed by others.  These columns were originally written for a consumer review site, and appeared between 2000 and 2006 at odd intervals.  With the demise of Epinions this year, friends requested that I save these little musings of mine so I have placed them all here in chronological order. (They'll make the most sense if you go to the end of this blog and read them in reverse).  I have also been engaged by a new website, as a regular columnist and will be providing them with a review a week for the foreseeable future.  As these new columns are being housed by the fine folks there, I will not be posting them here, but I will post links so that you can click through and continue to enjoy my tasteful Hollywood life and my thoughts on the state of the modern cinema.



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